Regular Program

Spring,Summer,Fall US$1,000
Winter US$800

Application Fee US$35 (not included)

Individual Program

US$20 per hour , with application fee US$17

(Students of the regular program are exempt from paying the application fee.)

Short-Term Program

Please contact the Language Center for more information.

Exchange Rate: US$ 1 = NT$ 30~34
All fees must be paid in New Taiwan Dollars on registration date.


Tuition fees must be paid in NT (cash).
Refund Policy:
After registration and payment of tuition, fees are neither refundable nor transferable.
If due to serious reasons one cannot attend classes and ask for a refund, the application must be made in writing addressed to the Director of Language Center. If approved, the refund will be made according to the guidelines:
  • Students withdrawing from the course will be subjected to the following refund policy for tuition:
    • 70% of tuition is refundable if the request is prior to the first 14 days of the new term.
    • Application fee and Insurance fee are not refundable.




Dormitory Fee : Deposit US$50
Price per term:
Male (2 beds): US$450
Female (4 beds): US$ 400

Room for shared or studio-Off campus(per month):
around US$150~$300

Insurance US$12~$24



Cost of living

3 months around US$800~$1,200

Exchange Rate: US$ 1 = NT$ 30~34


No.245, Sec. 3, Academia Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan (R.O.C.)